Weather Station Camping Box Trove Tinder Home Monitor

Weather Station

Weather Station was a university project I completed with 3 other people. We were tasked with building a unit that measured wind speed, light levels, temperature and had GPS tracking. The unit had to be on two PCBs, a controller PCB and a sensor PCB. It had to be capable of storing data to later be uploaded and viewed using software we had to right. This project was split into three main sections: hardware, firmware and software. My contribution was largely in the hardware area.

Weather Station

Camping Box

The Camping Box is something I have been working on for a few years now. It's name came from the fact my mates and I needed something to provide music/power when we go camping. It has been through a number of iterations, each improving on the last.

Camping Box 1.0

The initial camping box came from a school assignment. Tasked with building an iPod dock I ended up with the following features:

Camping Box 1.1

This interation of the camping box came from simply wanting to improve the first box. Upgrades included:

Camping Box 2.0

Camping box 2.0 moved away from the box idea a bit as it was largely contained in a milk crate. Essentially, version 1.1 was an attachment for version 2.0. Changes from version 1.1 included:

Camping Box 3.0

This version is where the camping box stands today and was also the first to not include any pieces from previous version. A completely new build, it's specifications are:

External to version 3.0 is a 240VAC to 12VDC power supply so that the box can be used with mains power. At this point I have no plans to improve the box any further.

Weather Station

Trove Tinder

Trove Tinder is a university project I worked on with 4 other people. The aim of this project was to present the data in Trove's database in an interesting and unique way. We ended up creating a website that displayed the information of past and present historical figures in profiles similar to the ones you might find using Tinder. Based on this initial look users could "match" with the profile to learn more or "swipe left" to continue their search.

UQ students can view the website here.

Home Monitor

The Home Monitor is an idea I have to monitor and display the temperature and humdity of various points around my house. I plan to use a few microcontrollers connected to the internet to post readings in a database and then view the measurements in real time on this website. It isn't finished yet but when it is you'll be able to find it here.

Rocket Potatoes

Rocket Potatoes

Rocket Potates is an open source, tower defence game created by a studio of 50 people as a university project. In our game you plant trees to protect against the woodland creaturs attacking your main tree. These trees that you plant attack the creatures in different ways and can also provide resources to build more trees. Additionally, your main base tree acts as a portal to travel between different worlds which allows you to gather new resources and discover new, exciting trees to plant.

Weather Station
Weather Station

The source code for the project can be found here.